Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Attitude of Gratitude: Days Eleven & Twelve

Day eleven I was grateful for the beautiful weather.

I spent the day with two gorgeous friends drinking peach and honeycomb smoothies (YUM!!) and grazing away on the most delicious antipasto platter! Plus, we got to do it sitting outside, in the shade at a stunning McLaren Vale cellar door enjoying the sunshine! Yes, the food and company would still have been great in the pouring rain, but the weather really made yesterday something special.

I was thankful for the glorious weather.

On day twelve I am grateful for families

Our families are there for us from the day we are born until we die. Its both a blessing and a curse. I know that everyone has a different idea of family and we don't all have the same experience of it either, but I have found that family will be there for you, even if they would really rather be somewhere else, when you need them. My family experience has been a little hectic in the last few years, we have all grown and changed. Even though it was hard and we went through some really terrible moments, we have come out the other side stronger and closer. 

Photographing this family today reminded me how important family is and how thankful I am to have mine <3

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