Monday, 17 December 2012

Attitude of Gratitude: Days Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen & Seventeen

Day thirteen made me grateful for our stunning Christmas tree.

This is only my second Christmas out of home and it is my second Christmas with my wonderful man. We went out last year and bought all our Christmas decorations from scratch. We are big Christmas lovers, so this year we went out and added another 2 colours!! 

Christmas is exciting! It's filled with love and joy and kindness and generosity and it just makes me so happy. These are all the things of I think of every time I glance at our gorgeous tree! This image was a bit of an experiment with long exposures even though I don't have my tripod yet - I'm going mental in the after Christmas sales!!

Day fourteen I was grateful that my Soundwave tickets finally arrived!

I know this isn't the most creative photo so far this month but you can't possibly understand how excited I was when they were delivered! My best friend and I are going to go and see our most favourite band of all time! Can't wait!!!

Day fifteen I was thankful for generosity.

On Saturday night my partner and I hosted Christmas drinks at our place for our close friends. My sister-in-law offered to bring a cheese platter, so I said 'sure, but please don't go over board'.... This is what she brought! Bianca is the most generous and giving person I know... and these platters were delicious!! 

Generosity is such an honourable quality. I love to give and I deeply respect others who do. Unfortunately, it's a little rare these days. I am grateful for generosity in the world.

On day sixteen I was grateful for the opportunity to see Lee Stardust play in an intimate setting.

This is Lee Stardust. She's an amazingly talented local artist. She and her family are also close friends with my partner's family. We were invited to her parents house warming on the weekend and she played a short set of songs. It was wonderful. I can't really say much more other than if you get the chance, go and see her! 

Day seventeen made me thankful for my Gemma.

I'd like you to meet my 7 month old whippet cross, Gemma. She is amazing and every single day she makes me smile. I've been particularly aware of how much she means to me in the last 3 days because she had a bit of an accident on Sunday morning and has since been to the vet twice. She just hasn't been herself over the last few days and has been following me around feeling sorry for herself ad being very sooky and affectionate. 

She has such a wonderful personality, so having her be a bit off has worried me. However, she still lights up my life... I am still smiling just looking at this photo haha!

I am so grateful for my Gemmy-bug. Today and everyday.

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