Monday, 10 December 2012

Attitude of Gratitude: Days Six, Seven, Eight, Nine & Ten

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Day six I was grateful for support.

This was the view from my friend's couch on Thursday night. She is the most wonderful, caring and supportive friend and I've only really known her a year. I feel like I can pour my heart out to her and I will only ever be met with love and understanding, never judgement or anything negative - which is more than I can say for a few others I have encountered in my time. Support is such an important thing, it helps us survive the big and the small, everything that life throws at us.

This day made me thankful for support.

Day seven I was thankful for the opportunity to have watched this gorgeous sunset from my friend's balcony on her 21st birthday.

Dressed as a Mexican, I saw this stunning view on Friday night whilst celebrating with friends. Happy birthday Jazz <3

Need I say more?

On day eight I was so grateful to finally have my Christmas present shopping finished.

I LOVE Christmas! This is our tree and most of the gifts we will be giving this year. Our whole house is covered in festive decorations... and has been since mid-October!! I think its such a wonderful time of the year, when for once people think of others rather than themselves, people are generous and loving and generally happier. I am a little thankful that I wont have to try and negotiate a shopping mall any closer to Christmas now that we are finished, but mostly I am just so excited that it's finished because it means I have a special gift for all my loved ones sitting, waiting for them under our tree <3

I am thankful that my Christmas shopping is finished.

Day nine made me thankful for western medicine.

You can probably guess from this one that I'm sick... Throat infection :'( I know that drugs (even the innocent ones) can be a sensitive and personal issue and thats why I chose a moodier feel for this image. However, for me... Bring on the antibiotics and painkillers! I have too much to get done in my life than to spend time sitting around sick. I want to make the most of my time, so I am grateful for the assistance that medicines offer :)

Today I am grateful for motivation.

Without the motivation to get up and take my puppy for a walk today I never would have seen the ocean today... and it was stunning. I love that the same beach can look entirely different every single day! Anyway, being sick and feeling sorry for myself, it would have been easier to stay at home, not take Gemma for a walk, not take a photo for the day, not get any exercise myself or any vitamin D for that matter... I am thankful that I found the motivation to get all these things today, because I feel better for it now.

I am grateful for motivation.

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